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Conan NYC Album Update:

It is very hard to express all the feelings that accompany these memories in an album. I tried to make these layouts as simple as possible, although it took me long to make the flipping page. The last photo is the inside of the flip page, which contains the journaling of the moment.


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Conan NYC Album update: I’m working on the photos of the taping (finally!). I did the same border for all the pages, loosely imitating the stage background and incorporating the Conan NYC logo designed by Rob Ashe.

Here’s a sample of the pages. Thanks to Becky for the Moons Over My Consie title.

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Today I cropped all afternoon… and here’s what I did.

The first picture is a better picture of the custom album cover.

Actually, the Columbus Circle layout is the last page I did today. It took me a while figuring out how to reproduce the globe.

Are you enjoying my layouts?

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Coco Journey NYC Scrapbook Album - update!

Last week I ordered my You Create It Album coverset for my NYC album. I used the digital layout that I created on StoryBook Creator Plus 4.0 that I showed earlier in the blog.

The coverset finally arrived, and I’M IN LOVE WITH IT.

(excuse the crappy picture my sister took)

It took less than a week to arrive, and it is amazing. The picture does not make justice to it.

As for the progress on the pages, I’m still stuck. Thursday is a holiday here, so I’ll take the day to give the project a big push.

I now wish wholeheartedly that I could make it to Chicago to show the album to the Team Coco peeps. We will have a one-day sale on our exclusive Cricut cartridges, so I hope I can sell a few and make some extra cash. *crossing fingers*

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Coco Journey NYC Scrapbook Album - Day 1


I sat down and started the photo album of my trip to NY to watch Conan. it is my intention to work on it every day until I finish it, and I’ll be blogging the process. Therefore, if you notice that I haven’t post anything about my Album, PLEASE HARASS ME. I need to finish albums, and this is an easy one.


  • I selected black pages for my album, because they provide a classic canvas that requires little decoration, and it combines with the colors Team Coco used. I’m using a Creative Memories album with a Custom Coverset (which I haven’t planned yet).
  • I gathered together all the digital images I wanted to print (from camera, phone, FB…). I intended to upload them to print, but my Costco account was cancelled because I was inactive for a year, so now I have to open the freaking account again. Uploading postponed.


  • For my title page, I used as an inspiration the logo that Rob Ashe designed for Conan NYC.
  • I scrolled through all my Cricut Cartidges booklets, and I found two landscapes adequate for my project (Going Places and Plantin Schoolbook). Also, I found a similar font of what Team Coco used in the Creative Memories Traveler cartridge. 
  • I cut all the pieces with my Cricut Expressions 2 using Creative Memories cardstock, and used tape runner and photo tape to mount the pop-up “buildings” The final purpose of the pop-up wings is to add several photos to be revealed when the “buildings are opened”

This is the finished page when it’s closed:

Title Page NYC Photo Album

When you open the “building flaps”, you will be able to see the pictures that will be placed in the interior.

Is not much… but at least my creative mojo is back.

Questions? Comments? Let me know!

See you tomorrow!

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