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Jack White With Conan O’Brien And John C. Reilly - Goodnight Irene (by Freak On A Leash)

For the last song of Jack White’s show at the Mayan in Downtown Los Angeles on 6/12/14, he brought out Conan O’Brien and John C. Reilly to perform Goodnight Irene.

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Mandatory Father’s Day post


I posted this in February 18, but I wanted to share it again.

Friday I was talking to my Dad, and he asked me if I knew George Carlin. The question blew my mind, because my Dad is not the person that is up to date on American comedians. We often discuss about local (Puerto Rican) comedy, but his Carlin mention was a first for me.

My Dad is the funniest man I know, and he has the awards to prove it. He has several trophies from local joke-telling contests.  He remembers hundreds and hundreds of jokes and has the ability to tell them like anecdotes. He also transforms his life experiences on jokes with a learning. He uses humor to reach out to others and being successful at his business, even though he’s not a comedian but an insurance broker. Funny thing is that your first impression when you see and meet my dad is that he’s a very serious man. Well, he takes everything seriously, even comedy. Kind of reminds me of someone I admire too…

I learned to admire and love funny guys thanks to my Dad, the funniest man I know.

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

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Thanks to the National Association of Music Merchants (www.namm.org) for unearthing this rare footage of young Conan O’Brien being a jerk in 1986 for an instructional video.

CREDIT: NAMM (https://www.facebook.com/nammorg)

OMYGOD This is Conan when I was a college freshman. WHY?

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willo7wisp asked: What do you say to people who dismiss [very real] mental disorders as completely overdiagnosed? I know people who talk about it as though everyone is self-absorbed and needs to get over it/just deal/not go on meds. I myself am not always a very sympathetic person, but it upsets me to hear more and more people talking about bipolar disorder, depression, etc. in a way that's all "quitcherbitchin"


Interesting question. I take 2 anti-depressants under the guidance of a psychiatrist because I’ve had two almost fatal bouts of depression and a few others that were merely nightmarish. It’s difficult to imagine having survived these episodes without the aid of medication. And I do mean “survived,” as in “didn’t die until I was dead.” At the exact same time, as a admitted layman who knows a little about a lot of things and a lot about a very few things, it seems to me that medication IS overprescribed in the Year of Our Lord 2014. So I try to hold two truths in my mind: medication has helped me and others who need it enormously AND that exact same medication is produced by corporations that are publicly traded and have people sitting on their boards who are decidedly NOT doctors, or even just benevolent citizens meditating on what’s truly best for you and me. They want to make money. So my two NON-PROFESSIONAL cents is that powerful brain medication should generally not be one’s first resort when you’re feeling blue or unfocused or anxious. Diet, exercise, talk therapy, meditation, and many other things can have indescribably massive positive effects. If you’re not in immediate danger of harming yourself, I’d explore those first. Medication a) works and b) will remain probable and thus available, so it’ll be around if you need it. And I don’t presume to tell anyone they need it or don’t, because I’m a comedian. And I don’t really worry about people who offer their opinions on medication if they’re not a psychiatrist.